Summer Bed Maintenance and Edging


summer bed maintenance and edgingSummer Bed Maintenance and Edging by Boyd Property Services

We can take care of your Summer Bed Maintenance and Edging needs!

Enjoy Summer and leave your Summer garden and bed maintenance and edging projects to Boyd! Our experts will care for your property all season long.

At Boyd, we will:

  • Care for your annuals and perennials in the Summer to ensure continuous successions of blooming until first frost.
  • Cut flowers for decorative summer bouquets, as well as to encourage vigorous new growth of flowers from your garden
  • Maintain a proper watering schedule to discourage mildew and diseases like black spot
  • Proper dispose of any diseased foliage
  • Replenish mulch
  • Apply flower fertilizer, as needed
  • plant seeds for fall flowers

Bed Edging

Summer is also a great time to have us install edging along your beds. Our attractive border options borders keep new grass from invading your garden, and will eliminate the need for edge trimming.

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