Spring Bed Maintenance and Edging


spring bed maintenance and edging

Spring Bed Maintenance and Edging by Boyd Property Services

Let Boyd Property Services take care of your Spring Bed Maintenance and Edging needs! Enjoy the beautiful Spring weather while leaving your bed maintenance & edging projects to Boyd!

Our knowledgeable experts will clean up the mess left over from the Winter season and ready your yard for the new Spring growth. Call us today to get your appointment for our services in early!

At Boyd, we will:

  • Remove any dead annuals that remained over winter
  • Remove winter mulch and trim back perennials to ground level to allow for new Spring growth.
  • Prune any wood stem plants to limit winter damage end encourage new blooms and Spring flowering on new branches
  • Trim back ornamental grasses to ready them for growing

We also have the knowledge to know which trees and shrubs not to trim, as this years blooms were set as buds last  Summer or Fall.

Bed Edging

Spring is also a great time to have us install edging along your beds. Our attractive border options borders keep new grass from invading your garden, and will eliminate the need for edge trimming.

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