Spring Lawn Aerating, Overseeding and Slitseeding Services

spring lawn aeratingTrust Boyd Property Services for your Spring Lawn Aerating, Overseeding and Slitseeding Services in the Waukesha Area

At Boyd, we have a professional-grade lawn aerator to treat your lawn. Proper aeration alleviates soil compaction, which prevents water, nutrients, and oxygen from properly reaching your lawn’s roots. Aerating your lawn helps the roots grow more deeply to produce a stronger, more vibrant looking lawn. Call or use the form to the right to contact us today to get a quote and be on your way to a great looking lawn!

Spring is a great time of year in Wisconsin to aerate and overseed your lawn. Lawns are cooler and there is typically more moisture in the soil than during the warm Summer months. Let Boyd aerate your lawn, and then overseed it with the right cool-season grass mix, to have your yard soon looking beautiful. We have the expertise and equipment to make your aeration and overseeding project a complete success!

Slit-seeding is a process that slices rows into your lawn and drops seed into the slits. The knives are designed to slice into the lawn rather than rip out thatch. This slitseeding process reduces damage to the lawn that can sometimes take place during a dethatching. Contact us today to get a quote on slitseeding your lawn!

At Boyd, we take pride in providing quality lawn care for our customers! Trust us with all your lawn care needs! We are your leading experts in  providing Lawn Aerating, Overseeding and Slitseeding Services in Waukesha.

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