Trust Boyd to properly mulching by Boyd Property Servicesapply the right amount of mulch to your plant and tree perimeters. Our mulching experts will apply the right layer of mulch on your planting beds to help retain moisture, suppress weeds, and moderate the soil temperature.

When mulch is added yearly, after time it can actually harm plants by because it creates a layer that won’t decompose or allow for root growth. Nutrients and water can’t penetrate to the roots of your plantings, causing them damage.

Excessive mulch around trees can cause rotting in the trunks, can create a home for tree attacking insects, and actually encourages the development of a secondary root system. Trees rooted in mulch zones start to depend on the secondary root system, which causes the primary root system to wither. If the deeper primary root system dies, the tree loses its anchor can top over in heavy winds or snow.

Leave the mulching to the professionals at Boyd Property Services. We will make sure it’s done right- adding beauty to your property and benefiting your plants and trees.

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