Landscaping Services in Waukesha by Boyd Property Services

Our landscaping services are available for all types of home and commercial projects.
Our landscaping services are ideal for all types of home and commercial projects.

At Boyd Property Services, we believe that our outstanding customer service, along with our amazingly detailed yard care, sets us apart from our competition. We truly believe in creating great curb appeal, one yard at a time. From regular mowing visits to fertilization, pruning, and seasonal cleanups- all of your property management needs are given the utmost respect and attention to detail. We work hard to protect and preserve your landscape to ensure it increases your property value, making your investment in us worthwhile.

Let Boyd Property Services, with over twenty years of experience, take care of your landscaping, lawn and property maintenance needs.

Landscape management services include:

Turf Care

  • Mowing Services • Fertilization: Fertilizer, Herbicides, Disease, and Insect • Aeration •  Dethatching • Soil Testing • Over-seeding  •  Drainage Issues • Vegetation control of driveways, walks, parking lots, sidewalks, and curbs


  • Seasonal Cleanups Spring / Fall • Bed Maintenance  •  Mulching, Decorative Stone, and Edging   •  Pruning  •  Minor Tree Trimming  •  Planting – (shrubs, trees, and flowers) •  Design / Install – (planting beds, berms,  and flower beds)

Other Services Provided:

Pressure Washing

Included (but not limited to):

House Washing  •  Deck Cleaning  •  Driveway Cleaning •  Pool Areas  •  Patios • Exteriors washed to remove mold and mildew. These include cedar, vinyl, aluminum, painted siding, and brick


There are several stages and types of pruning that are needed for proper branch development, which promotes long-lived trees and shrubs. All ensure proper shape and health of your trees and shrubs.

Dormant Pruning:

This is done while trees and shrubs are dormant in winter. This will reduce the number of buds on the plant (flowering shrubs will not be able to produce flowers same year), allowing the plant to grow stronger where needed come Spring. Also, trees are not susceptible to fungus, disease, and insect problems during the dormant stage.

Corrective/Developmental Pruning:

(Once a tree is established). The goals are to establish a central leader, branch spacing, and a good foundation for the tree as it grows. This can help down the road so that the tree is not growing into unwanted spaces. It will keep tree branches from rubbing, weakening, and causing infection to the tree. Corrective pruning helps the overall growth of the tree.

Shrubs establish themselves quicker than trees. When your shrubs are correctly pruned, they will properly grow and flower to their full capabilities without major “cuts”, which can leave shrubs unbalanced, leaving behind dead undergrowth.

Rejuvenation Pruning:

This is the pruning process of cutting the entire shrub to just above ground level. This can also be done by removing 1/3 of the plant at a time over a several year period. This way you still have a shrub versus having empty space for a period of time. This process will give you a new strong and healthy plant.

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