IMG_2153Variable, extreme, and unpredictable describes the weather in Wisconsin. From weather conditions to weeds and pests- our lawns, trees, and shrubs face many issues throughout the year. As a general rule, a well-fed cool season lawn requires three to five feedings per year. Trees and shrubs need a balance of nutrients as well, so they too can grow strong while enhancing their color, and remaining resistant to insects and diseases. Let Boyd Property Services take care of your lawn and plant needs!

Weed control (Herbicides) liquid or granular.

Preemergence – This type of herbicide kills seeds as they germinate, but has no effect on growing plants. Preemergence kills weeds before they emerge from the ground, and are effective against annual weeds. While it’s possible to control annual weeds with preemergence herbicides alone, you may also see some reduction in the number of perennial weeds that grow from seed.

Postemergence – These herbicides kill existing weeds, from small seedings to mature plants. Postemergence fall into four difference categories:

  1. Contact – These herbicides kill all plant tissues they touch. Herbicides give a quick die-down, with the plant wilting in just a few hours and appearing dead by the next day. Unfortunately, only the tissue that is contacted actually dies, which means that the weed can eventually re-sprout from the roots.
  2. Systemic – Systemic means the herbicide moves throughout the plant before killing it. Every part of the plant will die.
  3. Selective – These herbicides take advantage of differences in the biological makeup of the plants to kill some plants and not others. For example, they kill broad leaf weeds but not lawn grasses.
  4. Nonselective – These herbicides kill every plant they are sprayed on, including lawn grasses and weeds.
  • Fertilization (lawn feeding) liquid or granular balanced blends of slow release fertilizers can be applied as needed during any season. At Boyd Property Services, we use only Professional high grade fertilizers.
  • Insect Control (Insecticides) liquid or granular control that reduce active pests such as Aphids, Chinch bugs, Chiggers, Earwigs, Japanese beetles, grubs, and many others.
  • Lawn Diseases (Fungicides) are caused by both living and non-living factors: Non-living factors which can include nutritional imbalances and drought, which weakens plants and allows the living disease agents to move in. Living disease organisms are bacterid, fungi, viruses, parasitic plants, and nematodes. All these fungi organisms are the major cause of diseases in lawns.
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