Fall Trimming and Pruning in Waukesha

Fall Trimming and Pruning

Trust Boyd Property Services to manage your Fall trimming and pruning of shrubs and trees.

It’s important to time Fall trimming and pruning correctly to prevent damage to your foliage.

Damaging fungus spores spread profusely in the Fall, and the healing of cut and trim wounds to limbs is slower on Fall cuttings. Pruning too late in summer and too early in Fall may also stimulate new growth, which has little time to harden before cold weather comes.  We recommend waiting until your trees drop their leaves and are dormant—usually October or November in Southeast Wisconsin. This allows us to more clearly see your tree and shrub structure, and and identify any insect or disease problems you may have as well.

Schedule a late Fall Trimming and Pruning job with the professionals at Boyd to make sure the job is done correctly!

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